International Trade

Carrying out an International Sales process requires research, analysis and a suitable execution of the commercial plan, elements in which as a company we provide permanent support in search of growth through the satisfaction of international consumers.

International  E-comerce

E-Commerce has developed, but to carry it out successfully requires a lot of preparation and exceptional execution. Our electronic store is focused on sales of medium quantities and products with a focus on niches with high added value.

Search for international buyers

We carry out the search for international buyers, and the promotion of niche products in international markets, through commercial intermediation. This activity involves an International Trade Plan that includes market research, export documents, import taxes, trade agreements, and a marketing plan with analysis of consumer culture, business trends, and digital marketing elements.

Our process begins with the evaluation of the company and its products, to then carry out a survey of the market and its ideal client, and concludes in the downloadable international sales plan that mentions destinations, tariff barriers, import requirements, costs logistics and other elements, in addition to a digital advertising plan.


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