The franchise model can be adapted to any industry, any business model, and any market; everything depends on the analysis that is carried out of its business model, and on a good diagnosis of the market where the company will be installed.

Among the industries that we have developed are: :

  • Technology and communications.
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Restaurants.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • High value-added services.
  • Manufacturing and logistics.


To promote the brand, we carry out an activation in social networks and in market niches, previously evaluated, so that communication, prices, logistics, commercial models, profit margins, and other elements that influence the operational and commercial optimization of the brand. Company reach its break-even point allow to recover the initial investment in less than 3 years.

  • Development of the Franchise Program.
  • Sale of Franchises and Master Franchises.
  • Design and structuring of a franchise model.
  • Franchise chain management.
  • Performance evaluation and improvement plan for Franchises.
  • Market Research, for the Franchise model.
  • Marketing, Activation and advertising for the Franchise.